Children Awareness

One of the most effective ways of keeping young people safe online is to equip them with the knowledge and skill to recognize, identify and respond appropriately to risks they may encounter. These skills include media literacy, digital literacy and social-emotional literacy.

Digital Protection

Protecting children online is a global challenge, which requires a global approach. While many efforts to improve child online protection are already under way, their reach has been more national than global. ITU has established the Child Online Protection initiative to create an international collaborative network and promote online safety of children around the world.

Swiss Webacademy


Guidelines for Child Online Protection have been prepared by ITU in collaboration with COP partners in order to establish the necessary foundation for a safer and more secure cyber world for future generations.

Cybersecurity Trends Magazines

Cybersecurity Trends is a quarterly magazine that aims to increase awareness of the growing threats posed by cybercrime and to provide advice and defense against them by providing information from leading IT security companies and state institutions.

Cybersecurity Dialogues

With the support of the most important French and Swiss Business Chambers and Associations, “Cybersecurity – Switzerland” aims to bringing together International security experts as well as Decision Makers, both from State and Private sectors.